What Are The Best Hardwood Flooring Brands?

When a home owner chooses to remodel their home, most are looking for materials that will last and add beauty and character to their investment.

With hardwood floors, there are cheaply made products, decent made products, and quality made products.

Through my professional experience, the best hardwood flooring brands are those made in America and Canada. Brands such as Mannington, Anderson, Luzon and Mirage are just to name a few…

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What Are Hardwood Flooring Prices Like?

Hardwood flooring prices break down in the two following ways:

First: We will look into the hardwood floors.

The price per sqft varies anywhere from $1-$15. You obviously get what you pay for. If you are looking to invest in a quality product but not overpay, then you can expect to pay somewhere in the 4-6 dollar range per sqft.

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Why Cheap Hardwood Flooring Is A Bad Idea

I understand the value of a dollar and the amount of time and sacrifice it takes to come up with a budget for a project such as hardwood flooring.

For some homeowners there is a very limited budget, and purchasing “cheaper” hardwood or laminate flooring is your only option.  But that’s not always the case…

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How Discount Hardwood Flooring Costs More In The Long Run

With today’s economy, many homeowners are looking to get projects done at a discounted price.

When it comes to a finished product such as engineered hardwood floors or laminate flooring, this can be a risky decision.

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The Real Costs Of Hardwood Floor Installation

As you may have come to realize, the installation of hardwood floors does not come cheap.

Almost always your installer will be charging you piece work.

This means they will charge you by the square foot for the installation of your wood floors, or by the ft for any moldings you may need, etc…

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