The Real Costs Of Hardwood Floor Installation

As you may have come to realize, the installation of hardwood floors does not come cheap.

Almost always your installer will be charging you piece work.

This means they will charge you by the square foot for the installation of your wood floors, or by the ft for any moldings you may need, etc…

The cost per square-foot will vary depending on your floor plan and type of material that you have chosen. When making a decision on having a hardwood floor being added to your home, one should take into account any preparation. For example, is there existing flooring that has to be removed? Does my sub floor require a moisture barrier? Do I need new baseboard or baseshoe?

Why your flooring budget should be managed with a professional hardwood floor installer in mind

The installation service of hardwood and laminate floors that I provide are competitive of any “professional” licensed contractor in the Southern California community. As a finishing touch to any home improvement project, a hardwood installer is working with a finished product. A material needs to be installed with strict guidelines so that it may last through the years.

CPK Flooring (A licensed Flooring Contractor) will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

I encourage you to call or email me anytime with questions you may have. I provide free estimates and strongly advise any homeowner to consult with a professional hardwood installer before purchasing flooring, and I’m happy to help.

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