Why Cheap Hardwood Flooring Is A Bad Idea

I understand the value of a dollar and the amount of time and sacrifice it takes to come up with a budget for a project such as hardwood flooring.

For some homeowners there is a very limited budget, and purchasing “cheaper” hardwood or laminate flooring is your only option.  But that’s not always the case…

With a professionals help you can purchase a cheaper hardwood floor that will still have a sense of quality. Otherwise most of the cheaper material, you get what you pay for which leads to a poorly finished outcome.

If you can afford a better product, avoid going cheap.

I always encourage my customers to pick something priced in the middle.

In many cases the quality has to do with how a hardwood floor is manufactured and what species of wood are used along with any finishes. In many brands the quality greatly increases with only a small bump up in price per sqft.

This makes for a better installation and longevity of your hardwood floor.

Quality makes a huge difference. Floors are an investment in your home.

Do your homework!

Not only is it worth investing in a better floor over a cheap close out product, but also investing in a quality hardwood flooring installer.

A professional installation along with good material go hand in hand. I’m here to help you with all your questions, and encourage you to ask me anytime.

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