What Are The Best Hardwood Flooring Brands?

When a home owner chooses to remodel their home, most are looking for materials that will last and add beauty and character to their investment.

With hardwood floors, there are cheaply made products, decent made products, and quality made products.

Through my professional experience, the best hardwood flooring brands are those made in America and Canada. Brands such as Mannington, Anderson, Luzon and Mirage are just to name a few…

Why is a brand of hardwood flooring considered the best?

You may want to look for quality in the hardwood itself. What species of wood were used and from what forests around the world. Also, when researching engineered and pre-finished floors, what kind of finish was used to protect your hardwood floor. Many quality brands offer a 25 year warranty, and will stand behind their product. Most American companies have been in business for decades and will be available if you the homeowner ever have a warranty issue. Hardwood flooring brands that are the best in the industry will be sure to be the “wow” factor to any remodeled project.

I want the best hardwood flooring brands for my budget

I will be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have when choosing a brand of hardwood that is a cut above the rest. Whether its a free in-home estimate or consultation over the phone, I look forward to helping you find the wood floor you’ve dreamed of!

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